My name is Kym Sandvig and I am the owner of Sandvig Acre Farm. I started my “farm” adventure in the fall of 2014 with 6 chickens. Then I decided I wanted to get goats. I didn’t want to milk ever. Fast forward to now and I have been milking and making soap for about 4 1/2 years.

I now own 5 goats, 4 Nigerian dwarfs, 2 boys & 2 does, a Oberhausli Doe. We added the buckling the summer of 23′ so we would be able to have or does bred when needed easier.

Our little farm now has mixed flock of layers for eggs, Rhode Islands Reds, Novagen, ,  2 Turkey Hens i will be breeding this year , a Tom, 3 Geese which I also hope to hatch their eggs, 8 guinea fowl. I breed Silkies, I breed Buff, Splash, Blue, Black colors, and have a fun pen which I have Silkies, Frizzle & Satins in that group And DUCKS!! I breed Cayuga Ducks and also Muscovy
Our 2 Great Pyrenees Will and Maggie are the protectors of the farm. I can’t forget little Jacks and the outdoor cats.

MY Soap Room is all set up now.

We try to use organic ingredients when available in all our products. As for fragrance & colorant, we use all ethically sourced fragrance oils & Micas & we use essential oils!

Farm Fresh Pasture raised chicken in available around Sept/Oct. We purchased our Cornish cross meat birds from Jenks Hatchery in Oregon, they have a short trip up here and we’ve always had great luck with them.

We raise them on pasture, they are in a chicken tractor on grass until old enough to free range, we will also be using a Non GMO feed in 2024 birds which is exciting!

Our farm fresh eggs are from our free range chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas & quail, we supplement pasture w/ Non GMO chicken feed that is fermented to give them the best nutrients possible!

we also raise, breed and show Silkies! Our colors are Buff, Blue, Black, Splash & White.

We offer hatching eggs, chicks & grow outs when available, our hatching season stats in Febuary! Show season stats in March where we will be showing st the Spring Fling ABA in Monroe Washington & we also show at the Evergreen State Fair.

Our Farm

our goats







Harmony & her babies

Heidi’s  babies